Services and Prices

WESTPOST offers its clients
the following postal and courier services:

  •  ZIP-архив Receipt of mail from abroad through an postbox address in Finland (with delivery in either St. Petersburg or Moscow)
  •  ZIP-архив Postal service (sending mail) abroad
  •  ZIP-архив International courier service
  •  ZIP-архив Express international courier service
  •  ZIP-архив Courier service within Russia
  •  ZIP-архив Express courier service within Russia
  •  ZIP-архив Courier service between Moscow and St. Petersburg (including the suburbs and regions)
  •  ZIP-архив Courier services within St. Petersburg and Moscow (including the suburbs and regions)
  •  ZIP-архив Direct and mass-mail services in St. Petersburg and Moscow (delivery of large orders of advertisements, invitations, invoices, etc.)

In addition you can download the following documents:

  •  ZIP-архив Customs document CN23 (to be completed in order to receive parcels from abroad)
  •  ZIP-архив Processing documents in order to send courier consignments containing goods abroad
  •  ZIP-архив Account Contract for legal entities
  •  ZIP-архив Standard Contract for legal entities
  •  ZIP-архив Account Contract for private individuals
  •  ZIP-архив Standart Contract for private individuals

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You can also download documents that you require by clicking the hyperlink «download documents» on the right side of the screen. This method does not require an e-mail address.